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O hokori ni suru kirei na kokoro - take pride in beautiful spirit; heart; mind

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Name: Tsukino Akume

Yes, this is actually my nickname in normal life. My big sister gave it to me. It's Japanese for Moon's Wild or Untamable Horse. Being that it's in Japanese, the last name comes first, so in American terms it would be Akume Tsukino. My real name is common and I don't feel suits me very well. My other nicknames include Sunny, Andros, Peggy, and Ringo.

Gender: Female

Age: Older than some of you, younger than others. The closest hint I'll give is that starandrea isn't much older than me.

Location: Anaheim, CA. Close enough to Disneyland to watch the fireworks at night, which is not as fun as it may sound.

Likes: All things cheezy, shiny, or both. I'm an animal lover, environmentalist, and vegetarian, not necessarily in that order. I enjoy reading, writing, and altering pictures. I also collect quotes, fanfics, medieval weaponry, and refrigerator magnets.

Dislikes: Bad dubbing, Math, meat and/or vivid descriptions of animal death, missionaries, prejudice, rude people, things purposely misspelled, and the phrase 'Just joshin' ya.' -Twitches-

As far as I know, I was the first official Shane/Dustin writer on the net, tied for first Sky/Jack, and first Sky/Zhane and R.J./Andros. My tastes in genre and fandom are pretty broad and depend on my mood. I have my preferences for couples, but I also like to explore how other random pairings could happen in my own writing. While there's always characters I don't like, I still try to be fair in my stories. I figure that every character is someone's favorite for some reason, it seriously annoys me when Justin is portrayed as a whiny brat who can't do anything right.

My Power Rangers stories have three main 'archs': the Fade to Darkness Trilogy and its side stories, the Ninja Storm AU Storm Warnings Universe, and the Bright Skies Universe. I also dabble in random, off-the-wall stories whenever I feel like it, but right now 90% of my work is part of Fade to Darkness or Bright Skies. Just about anything I write is AU; there are some concepts I don't agree with, so I tend to expand on what they started, and turn the entire series into a completely different universe. The cannon timelines still exist; I just choose not to acknowledge them. I also seem to be extraordinarily mean to my favorite characters and make them go through some dark trauma to prove how cool they are. (i.e. Dustin/Justin torture, Blake's pathetic romance life, Tommy and Kimberly's disasterous relationship ... -Shrugs-)

Most of my work is Power Rangers these days just because I like the fandom, but occasionally you might find something I randomly decided to explore.

If one of my stories isn't listed as complete, that means it isn't finished - no matter how long it's been since I worked on it. I DO NOT abandon my stories. But rather than keep staring at one I can't get any ideas for, I move on with new ideas as I get them so that above all, I'm still writing. If I have a story you particularly love that still isn't finished and you want to see more of it, -Glances guiltily at FtD- send me a review and complain! Ask questions about what's going on in the story, about something you'd like explained or just what's going to happen next that you'd like to see. Nothing gets me more inspired than questions from reviewers: it's where a great deal of my ideas come from. So don't give up! I WILL finish the story you like! ... I just can't say when exactly that will be. x.x

In the immortal the words of a friend of mine, I respond well to bribery. Reviews, pocky, and fluffy slash or fluffy sibling stories count as bribery. Feel free to bribe me at any time. -Salutes-